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For the poor man's JBMod...
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Calm Before the Storm by LordHayabusa357 Calm Before the Storm :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 81 8 Navy SEAL 2025 Team Leader by LordHayabusa357 Navy SEAL 2025 Team Leader :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 72 12 Battle of Geonosis by LordHayabusa357 Battle of Geonosis :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 187 10 UNSC Marine Platoon by LordHayabusa357 UNSC Marine Platoon :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 163 13 The Boss (SPARTAN II Armor) by LordHayabusa357 The Boss (SPARTAN II Armor) :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 123 26 ODST Viper Squad by LordHayabusa357 ODST Viper Squad :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 289 32 Christie Kitty Jacket Outfit (Requested) by LordHayabusa357 Christie Kitty Jacket Outfit (Requested) :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 110 6 SPARTAN Duo at a Mess Hall by LordHayabusa357 SPARTAN Duo at a Mess Hall :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 62 22 The Ryu Hayabusa by LordHayabusa357 The Ryu Hayabusa :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 182 28 Helena Close Up by LordHayabusa357 Helena Close Up :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 129 21 Sexy Helena by LordHayabusa357 Sexy Helena :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 197 32 On the Run by LordHayabusa357 On the Run :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 130 10 Tactical Urban ODST by LordHayabusa357 Tactical Urban ODST :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 350 16 DOA Pool Party (Revisioned) by LordHayabusa357 DOA Pool Party (Revisioned) :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 172 32 Battle of the Busty Women (Ivy Close Up) by LordHayabusa357 Battle of the Busty Women (Ivy Close Up) :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 204 8 Battle of the Busty Women (Taki Close Up) by LordHayabusa357 Battle of the Busty Women (Taki Close Up) :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 159 13
Must..keep...making...more. Each day I grow stronger.....

Random Favourites

I'm My Own Master Now by lonefirewarrior I'm My Own Master Now :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 1,281 118 Joker and Harley Quinn | Batman by Urbanator Joker and Harley Quinn | Batman :iconurbanator:Urbanator 9,000 606 BANE - by DanLuVisiArt BANE - :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 2,451 165 Halo-spartan revy by biduke Halo-spartan revy :iconbiduke:biduke 588 97 I am SWORN to carry your burdens... by DarrenGeers I am SWORN to carry your burdens... :icondarrengeers:DarrenGeers 10,144 657 Yoko Littner cosplay I. by EnjiNight Yoko Littner cosplay I. :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 10,355 974 To Infinity and Beyond - by DanLuVisiArt To Infinity and Beyond - :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 20,204 1,393 Warframe - Immutable Madness by SquiddyTreat Warframe - Immutable Madness :iconsquiddytreat:SquiddyTreat 484 69 Dead Eyes See No Future by ukitakumuki Dead Eyes See No Future :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 7,221 692 Halo, Master Chief - by DanLuVisiArt Halo, Master Chief - :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 15,175 2,472 Power Puffing Ladies by Artgerm Power Puffing Ladies :iconartgerm:Artgerm 23,463 1,290 Morrigan by Artgerm Morrigan :iconartgerm:Artgerm 25,807 1,711 HALO -The Moon Maiden by biduke HALO -The Moon Maiden :iconbiduke:biduke 508 57 People Are Strange by lonefirewarrior People Are Strange :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 871 257 MGS3 Snake Eater by vellonce MGS3 Snake Eater :iconvellonce:vellonce 546 15 Let the Storm Carry Us Home by lonefirewarrior Let the Storm Carry Us Home :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 1,060 145
I like What I See.........


Navy SEAL 2025 Team Leader
Close up of a U.S Navy SEAL TL in 2025 armed with a Mk.17 CQC MOD 0.
A remaster of the SEAL Team Leader from Black Ops 2.

Mainly just revisiting the Military section that started this account and the first Call of Duty image I've made in a long time, will continue to do more now that I've have improved significantly over the past 5 years.

*Added more colors and sharpness, along with noise to simulate it was taken with a camera.
At a distance, it looks like an actual photo, which to me if it fooled anybody, then my job is well done.

Garry's Mod
Retouched with Photoshop CC2017

The main SEAL Team.
U.S Navy SEAL's 2025 by LordHayabusa357
Woman's Provocative Nature (Enhanced Version)
Same girl from "No Body Unscathed". Half naked in some colorful forest, readying to lure any men that walks down the path, to either rob them or kill them.

*Further edited with additional hair strands, smoother skin, cropped image, and updated visual.
Garry's Mod
Retouched with Photoshop CC2017

BG belongs to owner

Content belongs to Bethesda.

No such model exists as a whole except as multiple models into one.

WARNING: Partial Nudity 

Same Woman 

Mature Content

Beauty Vs Steel by LordHayabusa357

Mature Content

Beautiful Skyrim by LordHayabusa357

Mature Content

No Body Unscathed by LordHayabusa357

Woman S Provocative Nature By Lordhayabusa357-d78v by LordHayabusa357


LordHayabusa357's Profile Picture
Chuck, a named Chuck is EPIC!!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a Lone Wolf artist.
I tend to always create screenshots from Garry's Mod.
Im a gamer as well.

Full name is Chakri Wattanakul Kamphan, Chuck is given to me cause its shorter to say than my first name.
I am a THAI/LAO/CHINESE descent, an American as well. So go AWAY if you don't agree with my heritage

I had to make another account under my real name, was using my cousin's the whole time.

My Tumblr.
Made this shit so late....

Every Gmodder has their own specialization on a subject, while everyone is focused on Mass Effect, TF2, Left 4 Dead, Military, crossovers, and other games, I'm more specialized in Halo and Skyrim.


War is the Same by LordHayabusa357 Dark Times by LordHayabusa357 Silent Kill by LordHayabusa357 It gets Harder from Here on Out. by LordHayabusa357 SPARTAN Femme Fatale (Enhanced Version) by LordHayabusa357 No Stone Unturned by LordHayabusa357 This is Suicide by LordHayabusa357 Our War before our Demise by LordHayabusa357 Sir Artorias the Abyss Walker by LordHayabusa357 The Battle of Reach by LordHayabusa357 Elven Supremacy by LordHayabusa357 Breaching by LordHayabusa357 Shepard's Loyal Companions by LordHayabusa357 Take Them Out the Hard Way V.2 by LordHayabusa357 Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain by LordHayabusa357
Could've joined deviantArt looooooooooonng time ago, but was not worthy to join, or I just didn't get the time to even register lol. Love art, gaming, creating, me thinks I'm ready for the military, U.S Army branch though. In a few years I may join them, but just living life to the fullest as a teen before I get shipped off to anywhere, anyway Its fun being a member of deviantArt, its my favorite website for my skills. I know alot about whats there to know, even some art, games, dangerously enough; firearms, culinary, history as well, suck at math though well most harder mathematics. I'm also an artist on paper as well, I can't show any of them to you guys because I don't have the proper equipment to transfer into my hard-drives.



Do you do commissions? Love your ODST art by the way.
Sat Sep 30, 2017, 6:15 AM
Happy birthday
Wed May 3, 2017, 10:57 PM
happy birthdayyy !
Wed May 3, 2017, 12:41 PM
Happy Birthday Hayabusa!! I hope you have a good one!!
Wed May 3, 2017, 1:12 AM
Happy Birthday and good job the renders/artwork
Tue May 3, 2016, 10:15 PM
happy birthday :D
Tue May 3, 2016, 4:38 PM
Happy B-day.
Tue May 3, 2016, 4:55 AM
You got a hard-on for the military or something?
Sat Mar 12, 2016, 8:53 PM
LordHayabusa357 hey i made a crossover community with halo, mass effect, and killzone vs star wars and i was wondering if you can made a art that has halo UNSC, killzone ISA, and mass effect system alliance fighting the galactic republic. Thanks
Fri Aug 7, 2015, 7:54 PM
The Reach models you see aren't available as a whole, they're separate.
Thu Dec 11, 2014, 8:08 PM
Hi! I am also interested in your halo reach models, are they somewhere up for download? a link would greatly be appreciated!
Mon Nov 24, 2014, 2:51 PM
Great stuff! :3
Wed Oct 29, 2014, 3:35 AM
And if you found them somewhere(on the internet of course), can you send me a link too? Thank you!
Fri Sep 5, 2014, 2:22 PM
Hi there! I wanted to know if some of your models were custom made or you found them somewhere in the Internet? If they are custom made, can you send me a link to the person who made those?
Fri Sep 5, 2014, 2:21 PM
I want to play Skyrim again.And Halo too.
Thu Sep 4, 2014, 2:50 AM

Does anyone like the new design for the Stormtrooper armor in Episode VII? 

131 deviants said Yes
46 deviants said Hell Yes!
18 deviants said No
12 deviants said Seriously, No.

As Halo had finally put gender options since Halo Reach and Halo 4, which sex do you most likely prefer to play as and why? 

111 deviants said Male SPARTAN
85 deviants said Female SPARTAN

Should I do another crossover with men, mostly warriors, soldiers, etc. from other games? Main characters too. 

158 deviants said Yes
11 deviants said No


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MewSuperKawaii Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017
Hi! Great Resident Evil stuff! Do you accept requests?
commanderjonas Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there... I really hope you don't mind me asking this, but do you know any good Photoshop tutorials?

I am planning on buying the full version of Photoshop but I could use some help making my pics better.

If not, then it is ok... I was just asking.
AgentVigilante Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I did not know you also part of in the group is DA-Gamers. I also did the same thing to join back in 14 days ago
extremelyIrrelevant Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  New Deviant
So when are you going to make more ODST things? I really like your "ODST Drop" and "No Stone Unturned" ones and I would really like to see more things like that. Actually I didn't even know that it was digitally created until I read the information, that's how real it looked to me.
PertevF35 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2017
Why didn't I meet your site earlier? Oh Noes! 
You make sooooo cool screensots of soldiers and knights :happybounce: 
Und mir ist gar nicht aufgefallen dass du aus Deutschland bist, denn das ist definitiv kein zufall dass du ein Bild von Obi Wan Kinobi weil die letzten Tage Star Wars im Fernsehen lief Giggle 
BloodRavens1 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2017
Nice Gmod screenshots
albert1614 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017
Hey there how are you
Thanks for watching
LordHayabusa357 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem, nothing much.
albert1614 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017
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Thank you for the watch and helping my profile grow! I really appreciate it!
I hope you'll continue to enjoy and support my art! <3
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rayesmith Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist
I .... not even going to try ..... !
The Art is so Good ...

Blessed  !
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Your work is positively amazing
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Love your work! Inspection right here!!
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Happy birthday, dude. :la: :cake: ;)
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For he's a jolly good fellow...  for he's a jolly good fellow...

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